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Bexley lies south-east of London on the banks of River Cray. Basically, it is a combination of a village and a London suburban town. The town of Bexley has been a popular destination for centuries now and still provides a very good travel destination for tourists from all over the world.

If you’re planning on a travel with your family during the upcoming holidays, you can certainly consider Bexley as an ideal destination. There is just so much to see and enjoy for you and your family. You will be guaranteed that your trip will be fruitful if only you will make use of the social amenities present in the town. By literally being a suburban town near the capital, you should expect that life will be a little different in terms of cost but the good news is that you will have plenty of options to make.

Must Visit Places in Bexley

If you wouldn’t mind engaging in some sort of adventure and social activities after a long day of exploring, then you certainly have it all here in this town. There are big popular events known all around London where you can get to see so much and get entertained. It feels great enjoying the moments far away from home; this is what makes memories.

Alternatively, you can take your family to one or two of the several museums available. You can be sure that your family or whoever your colleagues are will enjoy a touch of history found in most museums. There are gardens for relaxing as well where if you’re interested you can bask in the sun and take your ice cream and crisps as you chat with your friends.

The biggest landmark that greets you in the visit to Bexley is certainly the Church of St. Mary’s which stands as the most notable building in the sprawling town. However, there are other amenities that should make you long for a visit to this town, including the Old Dartfordians’ War Memorial Clubhouse, Holiday Inn (formerly Black Prince), Old Bexley Library, and the Bexley Cricket Club.


Transport in this town is easy and fast because it has been sufficiently served by railway lines and buses from several points. London tram and London Underground are up and running so you should start worrying about something else. Make arrangements for your transport in advance with a reliable company whenever you plan on traveling to Bexley. For your coach hire in Bexley quotes click here

Shopping in Bexley

Bexley has some great shopping hotspots for visitors and locals situated strategically in several points across town. You can get virtually everything you want when you want it in most of those places. Some of them have actually been equipped with pubs and eateries for your convenience.


While you are in Bexley, you will not have to worry about where to sleep. There are big luxurious hotels providing befitting reception for esteemed visitors. Depending on your budget, you will find several hotels to choose from. You will get your popular cuisine served in the best way possible; you will feel at home for a moment.