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Bromley is a large district that lies south east of London and serves as the centre of the London Borough of Bromley. It has developed over the years largely due to its location as a coach route which was followed by the launch of a railway station in the mid 19th century.

Must visit places in Bromley

Bromley has a number of parks and open places where you and your family can have fun all day. The list is endless and you will be torn between so many places including; Churchill Theatre (the most notable theatre south east of London), Bromley Little Theatre, and the Empire Cinemas.

The town also has very popular landmarks situated in various streets. Some of the most popular ones include; St. Peter and St. Paul Parish Church along Church Road, Keston Park, Bickley Park, and Farnborough Park among others. These parks are ideal relaxing joints for all occasions and you will find them suitable in the company of your family or even your soul mate in case you are out on a romantic holiday.

Transport in Bromley

Bromley town is served conveniently by two railway stations Bromley North and South Railway Stations, with the later the more significant of the two. It does not enjoy London Underground services but it has constant flow of buses to several routes including big towns and entries into the capital. Bromley lies just close enough from Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports, and only a few miles from Luton Airport. This means that after being dropped at any of the airports you will easily make it to Bromley town either by a cab or a bus. There are buses plying several routes covering all those airports and all you’ll need to know is the route number.

Shopping in Bromley

The city town of Bromley has several markets for various items. Depending on the kind of items you fancy, you can be guaranteed that there will be somewhere to find them and so much more. Most of the shopping centres and markets are inclusive of mini bars and eateries where you can get your snacks and drinks on your way out. Sometimes you will feel the need to bow to the urge of buying typical English presents for your loved ones back at home and these are the right places for that.

 Where to eat and sleep

Bromley is a very big town at the heart of the biggest city in Europe and you will find facilities befitting your kingly or queenly status. There are several luxurious hotels offering great meals and sufficient accommodation facilities. Information is available in the internet or at various travel guides. You can make all the necessary arrangements way before you travel and possibly get great deals available seasonally from travel agents and vacation planners.

These among so many other reasons make the city town of Bromley a great travel destination for all sorts of holidays. If you are looking for a remarkable holiday far away from home, from another city, country, or even continent, then certainly you have a great holiday awaiting you in Bromley.